Business Coaching


If you’re checking this page, you’re likely curious how I can help you.  Fair warning: If you’re looking for a coach that’s more cheerleader than change agent, I’m not the one for you.  My style is more tough-love where I tell it to you straight and guide you to be stronger in the “ring of the real world.”  Sound good?  Here are a few ways I can help:

  • Guide you to craft your opportunity in a way investors will respond. Examples include cleanly designed pitch decks, effective venture portfolios, and compelling executive summaries
  • Work with you to find ways to establish traction with your concept before you develop an actual product or service improving the likelihood of success
  • Craft a clear, concise, relevant message designed to compel your target market to act
  • Clarify your primary target market while discovering potential secondary markets
  • Perfect your pitch presentation so you deliver it with clarity, confidence, professionalism, and excitement
  • Uncover niche-focused strategies for testing and selling your initial product or service (MVP)
  • Grow your existing business into something truly scalable

Why me?

When it comes to business coaching, experience matters.  Working with start-ups in the athletic, cosmetic, manufacturing, nonprofit, retail, and technology sectors has provided me with a firm foundation from which to help you launch to your own success.  Collectively, I’ve helped several of these ventures raise over $6M in funding and reach million dollar levels of revenue.

If you’d like to talk and see if I might be able to lend my depth of experience to your future goals, please reach out via email or LinkedIn.  With clients stretching from coast to coast, I communicate in a variety of ways.  Whether you prefer phone or Skype, I’m happy to offer a complimentary discovery call.  Outside the US?  Fantastic!  Send an email and we’ll find a time that works.    Let’s see where the conversation goes!