There are certainly more than just seven mistakes that you can make when pitching to investors, but these seven could definitely be the nail in the coffin that prevents you from getting a deal.  An entrepreneur that makes any one of these seven is demonstrating a lack of experience as well as a strong naiveté.  […]

This was me about 10 years ago: Hi, I’m Colleen. I’m an entrepreneurship professor. I listen to ideas all day long and I can’t get enough of them. I dream about my students ideas and wake up with new ideas to tell them. I obsess about it. I sometimes forget to eat when I’m working with student entrepreneurs. I love […]

No one reads anything other than the first few lines of any article.  I’m willing to bet, you probably won’t finish reading this post. The same goes for business plans. The harsh reality is these days, no investor will read a business plan.  You are lucky if they read more than the first page of your […]