Last week I was asked to be a part of a panel discussion on social entrepreneurship and I think I might have been the Simon Cowell of the panel. One particular discussion centered building awareness for a new nonprofit.  An example was described by one of the panelists who owns a law firm that provides services […]

I was having lunch this past week with two intelligent and highly-educated women who also shared my passion for nonprofit strategy.  They were working on building a series of workshops designed to help nonprofit leaders and wanted my input on their line up of topics. The topics were on the Internet, social media, and fundraising. […]

I was in a meeting a few weeks ago with some colleagues that run a somewhat small nonprofit.  They were quite excited because they had just purchased an email list of a few thousand high net worth individuals.  I checked in with them a few weeks later and asked them how their response rate was.  It was not […]