If you’ve read my previous post on unit economics you know how important assumptions are in building a financial model for your business.  However, building assumptions into a financial model requires some strong skills in Excel as well as a deep understanding of the three basic financial statements: Income Statement Cash Flow Statement Balance Sheet The […]

So, I’m a bit of a cynic – I can admit to my faults (or in some cases I suppose is a plus). However, I am ultimately frustrated with the university methods of teaching students to write. I teach business plan writing course every year and I am constantly having to “un-teach” what these college students […]

After over fifteen years of working with entrepreneurs, investors, and professors in the realm of entrepreneurship, new ventures, and business plans; I’ve learned there are some very simple, yet devastating red flags that we all look for in business plans, executive summaries, and concept statements. Trust me when I say that these top ten words and […]

One of the key success factors of entrepreneurship is the ability to communicate. An entrepreneur needs to be able to communicate their business concept, their offering, and their value in quick and succinct way. Perfecting this message is one of the best things an entrepreneur can do for their business. A common trap that I […]