Our semester at Chico State just wrapped up.  As part of my final exam, the students are required to pitch their concepts to a panel of external judges from the community.  We call it “Minnow Tank” because it is set up like the TV series “Shark Tank,” but it isn’t as rough. However, the judging panel […]

In my Introduction to Entrepreneurship course, I often find that students are a bit intimidated by some of the creativity exercises we do in class.  Research shows that as students move through the educational system, their creative tendencies also decline. I see part of my role as an entrepreneurship educator to rekindle that creativity and […]

Do your students ever moan and grumble about research projects?  Do you occasionally put them into teams for research projects?  Do your students perhaps not seem to grasp the importance of inquiry? If so, I’d like to share an exercise with you that has proven time and time again to get students not only working […]