Anyone who has been involved in a board conversation or a management discussion within a nonprofit has faced the following question: Do we do what is best for the cause or best for the organization? This is a question that is unique to the nonprofit sector.  When comparing the question to the for-profit sector it […]

I was speaking with a close associate of mine the other day about boards of directors.  He is considered by many to be an expert in the area of philanthropy and he mentioned to me that “The main problem with a lot of boards is that they act haphazardly to market change.  They need to […]

This week I attended a local venture capital association meeting where I watched a few companies pitch their investment opportunities. One of the presentations was a classic case of what I call a: “Ok, but what do you DO? Presentation.” As I reflect on the over 1,000+ business plan presentations I’ve seen in my day, it […]

Entrepreneurship is an uncertain activity.  However, one of the most important aspects of reducing that uncertainty lies in unit economics.  The primary questions of unit economics are: How much does it cost you to make one unit? What do you sell each unit for? How much does it cost you to sell one unit (or […]

In my recent research interviewing over 50 executive directors of nonprofit organizations, the overwhelming majority of organizations were not fully utilizing volunteers as a resource for growing their organization.  There were some larger organizations that clearly had developed strong and scalable volunteering programs, but many smaller or younger organizations failed to see the potential for growth […]

Working within and around entrepreneurship education brings me in contact with many different types of people. It is actually one of the coolest aspects of teaching entrepreneurship – it excludes no one. We work with every culture, every skill level, every background, every age, and every personality. That being said – I have discovered that there […]

Last week, I attended a venture capital/angel investor conference in the Bay Area and part of the event involved entrepreneurs pitching their concepts to the panel of VCs and angels. If you read my first post, you already know that there were quite a few mistakes made by these pitching entrepreneurs. In fact, there were […]