Recently, I met with an aspiring entrepreneur that had a concept for a product and he wanted my feedback.  I agreed to meet with him at a local coffee shop.  This particular aspiring entrepreneur hit on three of the gravest mistakes MOST aspiring entrepreneurs do and I was inspired to share.  If you have done these, […]

After over fifteen years of working with entrepreneurs, investors, and professors in the realm of entrepreneurship, new ventures, and business plans; I’ve learned there are some very simple, yet devastating red flags that we all look for in business plans, executive summaries, and concept statements. Trust me when I say that these top ten words and […]

Last week I was asked to be a part of a panel discussion on social entrepreneurship and I think I might have been the Simon Cowell of the panel. One particular discussion centered building awareness for a new nonprofit.  An example was described by one of the panelists who owns a law firm that provides services […]

I know, we’ve all been there.  It’s the end of the semester and students suddenly realize your late work policy, your attendance policy or your quality work policy.  I’ve actually talked to students about this and they cite reasons such as: It’s just like every other syllabus they’ve read It’s too long It doesn’t apply […]

Have you ever had a small class that somewhat inhibited effective group class exercises?  I am not sure if this is a common problem, but here is what has happened with me: I break students out into groups of 3-4 to work on a problem Everyone can hear everyone else’s conversation Students talk quietly so […]

Ah, the common problems of cell phones in class.  We seem to have all become somewhat addicted to our phones.  A recent study actually found that female college students, in particular, spend about 10 hours A DAY on their phones.  Male college students were found to spend 8 hours a day. “The students reported spending […]

Ah… student presentations.  Most of us as professors use student presentations as an exercise where students demonstrate 1) their mastery of the topic and 2) their communication skills.  Most of the students I know moan and groan when they find out they have to do presentations. Students complain about presentations largely because they fear speaking […]