These corrections are related to the post 20 Surprising Spelling Mistakes From College Seniors. The corrected statements are pasted below the original statement and marked with a bold font. I don’t want to loose any points I don’t want to lose any points Because they are experts and your not Because they are experts and […]

In my Introduction to Entrepreneurship course, I often find that students are a bit intimidated by some of the creativity exercises we do in class.  Research shows that as students move through the educational system, their creative tendencies also decline. I see part of my role as an entrepreneurship educator to rekindle that creativity and […]

Do your students ever moan and grumble about research projects?  Do you occasionally put them into teams for research projects?  Do your students perhaps not seem to grasp the importance of inquiry? If so, I’d like to share an exercise with you that has proven time and time again to get students not only working […]

I was having lunch this past week with two intelligent and highly-educated women who also shared my passion for nonprofit strategy.  They were working on building a series of workshops designed to help nonprofit leaders and wanted my input on their line up of topics. The topics were on the Internet, social media, and fundraising. […]

One of the key success factors of entrepreneurship is the ability to communicate. An entrepreneur needs to be able to communicate their business concept, their offering, and their value in quick and succinct way. Perfecting this message is one of the best things an entrepreneur can do for their business. A common trap that I […]

Can you spell graduation without a computer? A college senior probably couldn’t. I remember what shocked me the most when I began teaching college students – their poor grammar and spelling skills. I’ve come to realize that the primary reason for their poor spelling and grammar is Microsoft Word. The magic Spell Check and Grammar […]

This week, I headed down to our local business incubator to participate in their Morning Mentoring. It is kind of like a version of speed dating, but designed so that entrepreneurs can get advice from different professionals and experts on the challenges they are facing in their start-ups. One of the groups of entrepreneurs we […]